The Prophet Of Love

Who went to meet the lover of his soul on Valentines Day

Three years ago, on Valentines Day, a great man, who many came to call “The Prophet of Love” went home to meet the lover of his soul.
I had the honor to know Bob. He was a dear friend of our family. I never met anyone who knew scripture like he did.
And he truly lived to please the Lord.  Many who heard him for the first time, might think he was just some corky, mystical hill billy, but he was a great prophet, and he was the real deal.  He could also interpret dreams like nobody I’ve ever heard of.  He blessed my parents, and our extended family tremendously through interpreting dreams, which he would do using scripture he knew so well.  My earliest memory as a kid being exposed to the prophetic, was hearing how Bob predicted with precision to the day, a horrible earth quake that struck San Francisco, when the bridge was damaged.  As a kid, that really impacted me, that God could use someone to actually predict something like that with such accuracy.

Not only was it profound that he died on Valentines day, and he was known as the “prophet of love”, but there was also a miracle that happened during his funeral, that many probably never heard of.
Doug Addison, a wonderful evangelist/prophet who was friends with Bob, wanted to come to the funeral, but was afraid he wasn’t going to be able to make it. This was because of a two year battle with debilitating levels of anxiety and chronic fatigue due to Lyme’s Disease.
It was one of the darkest times of his life, and he was feeling horrible.  He didn’t think he could handle the trip from California to North Carolina.
Shockingly, he somehow forced himself to go anyway.
When the funeral was over, and Doug was chatting with a friend, another amazing prophet by the name of Bobby Conner, and all of the sudden, as they were walking along, Bobby saw a flash of light.
He literally saw it, physically.
At that moment Doug was healed miraculously. No one was even praying for him.

Angel in the passenger seat. Vanished.
I’ll never forget the story, when he was driving in his car, and an angel appeared in the passenger seat, and started sharing with him messages from the Lord.
Bob kept driving as he listened to the angel, and didn’t realize he was speeding and going way over the speed limit.
A cop caught up with him, with his blinkers on, trying to stop him, but Bob was oblivious, in deep conversation with the angel.
Finally Bob realized the policeman was on his tail, and pulled over.
It was dark outside, and the bewildered police officer was looking back and forth, shining his flashlight into the car, frantically looking for something.  Or someone.
“Where is he?” The police officer cried.
“Who, officer?”
“There was a passenger with you! What happened to him?”
“Oh, that was an angel of the Lord, officer.”
I don’t know if he fined him, but I just love that story.

Life Death Encounter

February 14, 2014 however wasn’t the first time he set sail, and passed through the turbulent transition into eternity.
On August 7, 1975 Bob Jones had a life and death encounter, when his body was dead for some time, and he met Jesus in Heaven .
Jesus told him he had to go back however, and that was the last thing Bob wanted.
He died in horrible pain, killed by demons, for refusing to stop preaching against abortion.
However, after hearing one thing Jesus told him, he decided he would go back.
“Even if it’s just for one soul, I’ll go back, Lord.” (Listen to the recording below  to hear what Jesus told him)

Bob was a great prophet and friend.
We miss you Bob!

Here you can listen to a recording Morning Star made of his life-death encounter.
The question Jesus asked everyone when they met him will blow you away.



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