The conversation with a liberal, Jewish, atheist businessman that flipped his world upside down

This was a conversation I transcribed from a podcast with Kris Vallotton. Kris was exhausted, and not interested in talking with anyone. However this liberal, Jewish, atheist businessman just wouldn’t leave him alone.
Kris Vallotton is a prophet with a unique calling that often involves ministering to leaders of nations, and people from various walks of life, outside the church.
He has prophesied to individuals about becoming presidents of nations, and these prophecies have been fulfilled.
God opens many doors for him to influence, and minister to people in very high positions of government from both sides of the aisle, politically speaking.  He has a very unique Joseph/Daniel anointing to prophetically speak into people’s lives in ways that literally transform them.
He also is the co-founder and leader of the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry (BSSM) in Redding, CA where I completed the BSSM program in 2011-2014. It was three of the best years of my life, and I highly recommend everything Kris has written.

Now, let’s give him a warm welcome, as I pass the microphone to Kris Vallotton, the honorable guest on my blog today.

I would like to propose to you that the most important issue of our time is not the national debt, which I think is crazy (twenty trillion dollars).
It’s not ISIS.
We kill more people in one day than ISIS kills in a year.

On November 16, 2006 I was coming home from Atlanta and on the plane I sat next to a Jewish businessman.

How did I know he was a Jewish businessman?

Because I was on the plane exhausted, I closed my eyes, and was going to have a nice “Bill Johnson time”.

Don’t talk to them, and they won’t talk to you.

But the man tapped me on the shoulder (with my eyes closed) and said

“Hi, I’m a Jewish businessman.”

I said   “Hi, I’m a Christian pastor.”

I thought I’d tell him I’m a Christian pastor, and the conversation would be over.

He said “I’m a liberal atheist.”

O.k.  Well, we won’t be talking.

So I closed my eyes again, but he tapped me on the shoulder once more.

“So what were you doing here?”

“I was doing a conference. A CHRISTIAN conference.  A conference for Christians.”

I thought that ought to end the conversation fairly quickly.

We started to interact a little bit.

He was a Jewish businessman who makes shoes for a living.

He makes specialty shoes for people who have diabetes and have to have special shoes because they don’t feel their feet.  I can’t remember what the exact word is.

I found out he had been doing it for thirty years.

“Oh, well that’s really cool.”  I said.

So we made a little connect, because I was in business for twenty years, and a business consultant for five.

So then he said  “Yea… but I’ve never made any money.”

And I don’t know why, but it just hit me funny.

A Jewish businessman who doesn’t make money!

That’s like an Asian who doesn’t like to take pictures.

(Sorry. I’m being funny.)

Or like a Mexican who doesn’t like tacos.

I know. Stop. I should stop.

So I said to him “I’m sorry…” as I choked trying to keep from laughing.

He was looking at me, very serious.

“What’s the problem?”

“Well I’ve just never heard of a Jewish businessman who didn’t make money. It just seems incongruent.

Didn’t God bless your race?  I mean Abraham was blessed.  That’s your father.”

I really did say that to him.

“Oh, well that’s a really good point.”   He replied.

“I’ve worked with several different Jewish businessmen, and it’s like it just comes natural to them.”

I meant it as a compliment. I didn’t mean it any other way.

So he told me about his business, and how many people work for him.

Suddenly, in literally about 35 seconds, the Lord gave me a business plan for him.

I saw it as a picture.

“Hey, get some note paper, I’m going to give you a business plan.”

“You’re going to give me a business plan????”

“Yes, I got it from God. The God you don’t believe in.”

So now he starts to tease me back, and we’re kind of connecting.

So we wrote out this whole plan, according to how many employees he had.

We changed the way they were being compensated.

We switched it all around.

I said   “You’re compensating them for things you don’t actually want.”

The Lord gave me the personality types of of some of his employees, and I said “Does this guy do this?  Shouldn’t he being doing this?”

“Yea, that’s a great idea.”  He agreed.

Three hours pass. Now we were making a great connection with one another. Building respect for one another.

A really great guy. I really liked him.

So I think we’re done. I close my eyes.

“I’m going to get some sleep.”


I tilt my seat back, trying to relax.

Not three minutes goes by, and he taps me on the shoulder again.

“What do you think about abortion?”

Out of the blue! Let’s just find another thing we don’t agree about!

I said this to him. I happen to write this down the day that I talked to him.

“Do you know how Hitler convinced the Germans to destroy more than six million of your Jewish ancestors?”

He looked at me with a question mark.

“He convinced the Germans that the Jews weren’t human. That’s how they exterminated you like rats.

They convinced people that you weren’t human.”

He started shaking his head.

“Do you know how the Americans enslaved, tortured, and killed African Americans?”

He looked at me, shaking his head.

“We dehumanized them, so our constitution didn’t apply to them, and then we treated them like animals.
Do you understand how we got permission to kill the native Americans?

We convinced ourselves that they are savages and not human.

We dehumanized them, and then we destroyed them.

Do you understand how we got permission to kill the young in the womb?”

Now he was looking at me with tears in both his eyes.

We took the word fetus, which is the Latin word for offspring, and redefined it to dehumanize the unborn.

Now our constitution no longer protects the unborn, because they are no longer considered human.”

And I looked at him and said:

“The Jewish people, and the African American should be the greatest defenders of the unborn.

Because you understand what it is to be dehumanized and exterminated.”

He looked at me with tears running down his eyes and said

“I’ve never, ever, ever thought of it like that before.”

And we stared at each other for a good minute.

And you know what that’s like. When you stare at each other, and something’s happening in the spirit.
There’s a connection made in your soul with one another.
There’s some kind of agreement happening, and you can feel the change happening in a man’s soul.
And you’re staring into his eyes. And he’s staring into yours.
And you know that this isn’t just a normal look at each other.
This is a connection that one man is making with another man’s spirit.
We stared at each other for a good solid 60 seconds.
Tears running down both his eyes.

“I’ve never heard anyone describe it like that.”

Then he put his head down.

And he said “would you forgive me?”

“Would I forgive you for what?”

“I’ve hated Christians for my whole life. You’re the first Christian I’ve ever actually talked to.  And I’ve been wrong.”

Liberal. Jewish. Atheist. Businessman.  His description of him.

There’s something that happens when you actually encounter the truth.


I hope you were impacted by this conversation as much as I was.

You can listen to the full podcast by clicking here


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