The Feast of Love!  This was the most epic event we ever did with our homeless friends.  (We have actually done it twice now).  This was the first one we did, and it was absolutely incredible!  Watch the video, and you will be very touched as you see God touch the broken with his compassionate burning love.

This homeless man’s sciatic nerve was healed.  He felt improvement after we prayed for him, and as I was interviewing him about what happened, he realized it was even better.  You can see his surprise, and the look on his face, when he realized there actually wasn’t any more pain.  Praise Jesus!


This is Alexander.  Another one of our homeless friends we minister to at the Train Station.  He was experiencing pain if he tried to bend his fingers.  God healed him.


Ira also got her fingers healed.  God was in the mood of healing fingers that day!