A simple hack for effectively stewarding prophetic words

It will make you feel RICH

So, you have promises and prophetic words from God for you life?   Good.  The prickly truth however is this.  Just because you have prophecies and promises stored away in your little treasure box, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re getting all the juice.Here I share one little practical approach that was a real game changer for me personally.

In many cases prophetic words are like seeds.

Seeds don’t do much when you keep them on the shelf. They need to be planted and nurtured.
I had never seen anyone domonstrate how important this is until I heard Bill Johnson in the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. Many of the incredible miracles, and moves of the Holy Spirit that have taken place at Bethel in Redding, CA are direct fulfillment of prophesies that were spoken over them in some cases decades ago. Even things such as the “gold dust” clouds that I personally witnessed at Bethel were prophesied about many years ago. At the time many probably disregarded these bizarre prophesies. Not Bill though. He would intentionally keep them with him written down on easily accessible cards he could pull out. He didn’t just “put them on the shelf” and hope for the best. He prayed them and declared them, and used them as a weapon.

This is what I did.

It’s very simple and practical, but the result was incredibly encouraging.
A the time when this came to me, I wanted to focus on what God had spoken concerning my identity. So, I read through the prophetic words, dreams and promises I had saved, and created a list of everything spoken over me that pertained to my identity.

The result was simply a list of what I call my Identity Declaration. I can recite it and declare it in a few minutes as opposed to reviewing scores of prophetic transcriptions.
The first time I read it out loud I broke into tears. I was so overwhelmed by the love of the Father.

It was encouragement on steroids.

The hacking formula.
You could call this process R.I.C.H. because when you know who God says you are, you feel like you’re rich. After all, the way God designed you and crafted you is perhaps the greatest asset in your net worth.

Step 1. RESEARCH. Read through all your prophetic words.

Step 2. IDENTITY words. Create a list of Identity words. Who God says you are according to the prophetic words spoken over you, or revealed through scripture or any other way.

Step 3. CONVENIENT.  Record the list in a format that is easy to access. I keep mine in Evernote on my phone. This way I can pull it up about as fast as it takes to say “I am ever-grateful for this app.”
If you don’t use Evernote, I highly recommend checking it out. It’s free.  And if you want to really understand how to utilize the sheer might of this amazing app, make sure you read this brilliant book:

Step 4. HOLLER out loud. Declarations must be spoken out loud. “…confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart… You don’t really know how much your heart believes something until you start saying it out loud. Pull it up every morning, or whenever you feel like you need a boost of encouragement and declare it out loud.

Here’s a little segment from my Identity Declaration as an example. Don’t even try to steal mine. They’re protected by intergalactic copyright laws. You’ll have to get your own from God. Obviously I’m joking. You can steal mine if you like, but remember that the power is in the fact that the sheep know the Shepherd’s voice. When you read a list of declarations that God spoke to you personally, there’s just nothing like it. It’s powerful.

I am Father God’s true son. I’m His very own son
I am Royalty,
I was hidden for a long time, but I’m coming to the surface
I have the gift of communication and encouraging people
I have Papa’s heart…

You have to believe in an apple seed to give it to someone. The recipient however has to continue to believe in it for the apple seed to become an apple orchard.
Perhaps it takes just as much risk and courage to rigorously steward a prophetic word as it does to give it in the first place.





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  1. thank you John! I like it!

    there are a lot of prophetic was spoken to us with Ruslan but…. yes some of them ares till on the shelf yet =(((