How a drinking, brawling atheist became an exorcist, healing evangelist in one day

When he left, it felt like a piece of our planet was broken off, and floated away into space.
Alas, his ship arrived earlier than we expected, and we couldn’t stop it.  Nor were our ropes strong enough to pull it back through the winds of eternity. Reflecting on the joy embracing him as he reached the other shore brings peace. But the mystery ocean that lies between is a burden we have to carry on with.
His face was never on Charisma magazine, and you can’t even find him if you Google him. He was an undercover hero you don’t hear about on the news. And he was a healing evangelist, a pastor of many churches he personally planted, and he liked teasing me by feeding me with bizarre Ukrainian food he knew I didn’t like. He was my father in-law.

Events unfolding in Ukraine were foretold by John Paul Jackson in 2012

Events in Ukraine

Ukraine is very close to my heart.  How could it not be, after I spent 18 years of my life there.
Here are some events about Ukraine/Russia that John Paul Jackson foretold in Jan. 2012 (exact time not verified, but definitely in 2011 or 2012).  Looks like for the most part they were quite accurate.  Unfortunately.
If you have a problem with the word, please use scriptural guidelines and judge the word, not the person.
Here are a few key points that I find very interesting.
“…you’re going to start seeing Russia take on a whole new nationalism.  And Russia’s going to create a crisis in order to spawn nationalism, because it realizes it’s losing its youth.
…and Russia is going to end up black mailing many of the small satellite nations that used to be part of the Soviet block, and demand that they come into a whole new alliance, and a whole new agreement.
 And Poland will be black mailed.  I hope they don’t succumb.  The Slavik countries, Hungry, Romania, Ukraine, Khazikstan… All these are going to be black mailed by Russia. “If you want our oil, if you want our  gas, you will come back in.  Because if you don’t, we will close the pipeline tomorrow.
 And they’re waiting for the price of gas to get up high enough so they can close the pipeline to those countries and still be able to function economically in their own state.  But they have to wait till the price of gasoline gets high enough before they can cut the pipeline off.”
To see the original video I transcribed this from, just click here.
I would love to hear about other prophesies that you know of that have to do with Ukraine.  Please comment and share below.  And let’s really pray for Ukraine and in general for Gods Kingdom to invade this situation.
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