8 Rare tips to stay sexually pure

In my previous post, I talked about some of the WHY keeping ourselves pure is so important.
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Here I wanted to share some very practical tips that I have found to be helpful in staying sexually pure. When it comes to faith for healing the sick and ministering in the supernatural, we are called to take significant risk. However, when it comes to sexual purity and holiness, it’s a matter of keeping safety first. There’s nothing exciting or glamorous about wearing a seat belt, but it saves thousands of lives. Jesus said you may as well pluck your eye out if it makes you sin. We all know it was hyperbole, but that’s how serious he wanted us to treat not just sin, but anything that WOULD CAUSE US TO SIN. The tips I share here have more to do with the subtle, grey areas, that in some cases we don’t talk about for whatever reason.

6 Reasons why sexual purity matters

Sexual purity is a big deal. Something that scares me is that many Christians seem to have slipped into believing that sexual purity is not very realistic, and in many cases hardly achievable. Just look at the porn statistics. And some seem to settle with thinking “It’s the norm”. “It’s the norm, that most men struggle with pornography, so you may as well not make a big deal out of it.” For many, living a sexually pure life seems so insurmountable, that just leaving the skeletons in the closet seems to be a fairly feasible option. 

The text only my wife was supposed to read

Vulnerability… It’s easy to talk about, however few of us have the guts to actually do it. Letting someone else have a glimpse into some of the rickety parts of my being has never been something I look forward to. My wife and I were attending a marriage workshop where we were part of a core group of couples for the course of the workshop that lasted several months. By joining this workshop, we were all metaphorically pushed off the cliff of vulnerability. Sharing things we perhaps never shared with anyone in our lives, including our spouses. You just fall. And you keep falling. And there’s nothing to grab onto. All you can do is hope. Hope that your spouse, and the people in your group will catch you graciously.  After a while getting together with the same group, I can’t say it was easy for me to open up even though that was a huge part of the workshop. What happened next perhaps pushed me along in this process, but… I pray this never happens to you.