4 reasons to record your dreams

And 5 tools to help you steward them

“Last night I dreamed I ate a ten-pound marshmallow and when I woke up the pillow was gone.” Tommy Cooper

Most of the benefits you could get from dreams, slip through your fingers like sand if you don’t record them.
Here are 4 reasons why you should record them.

Why we stopped giving our kids allowance

Our new plan for teaching them to win with money

I still remember it like it was last week. My older sister and I were sharing my dads lap.  The inquisitiveness of a dog about to be fed was all over my face as my dad explained the meaning of a bizarre word. The word ALLOWANCE. The business savvy I had been able to accumulate over the seemingly long seven years of my life was still a bit underdeveloped, but it was sufficient for me to ascertain from my dad’s explanation that this “allowance” thing was a really good deal!  Free money!  And there was no fine print.  Well, after a few years of doing my part in keeping 7-Eleven in business, and then fast forward another twenty years or so, my wife and I had been naturally granting our two older kids allowance for a couple years; at least until I read a book called Smart Money Smart Kids: Raising the Next Generation to Win with Money. It was written by Dave Ramsey and his daughter Rachael Cruz. This is when we changed things around a bit and decided to no longer give our kids money as allowance.  Here are a few nuggets of wisdom we learned from the book and have applied in our family.

Smart Money Smart Kids: Raising the Next Generation to Win with Money (Ramsey Press, 2014)

I have been listening to Dave Ramsey’s show for long enough to get on board, and start cleaning up some messes I have financially.  I loved the idea of getting some practical strategies for raising our kids up to be great stewards with money.  I listened to this book in the audio version and it was really helpful, and fun to listen to.  If you have kids, you should definitely get this book.

What to do when you feel like a ghost with your kids

Recently I found myself just standing there. I was watching my kids play with each other.  And I felt like a ghost. I could see them and hear them, but I couldn’t connect. I wasn’t on their radar. It’s a paradox that bewilders me. My kids are by far the most precious thing I have in this world. And yet in the rigor and chaos of life, they often end up with the scraps left over.

The scientifically proven way to hear God’s voice

I was 15 years old.  My heart was on fire and my brain was almost boiling.  As the pressure increased, tears started to run down my cheeks. It was a stuffy summer night and I was pacing the dusty streets of Kharkov, Ukraine.  I was frustrated with people.  Not just any people.  It was the people who would say “God told me this…” and “God told me that…”
“Do they really hear God?” I thought. Or are people just audaciously faking it?

I was desperate to hear God’s voice.  I wanted it more than anything else in the world!

Have you ever had thoughts like that?

A simple hack for effectively stewarding prophetic words

It will make you feel RICH

So, you have promises and prophetic words from God for you life?   Good.  The prickly truth however is this.  Just because you have prophecies and promises stored away in your little treasure box, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re getting all the juice.Here I share one little practical approach that was a real game changer for me personally.