Hey, thanks for stopping by.  My name is John Elijah Ed Lynch, and this is my personal blog.  

I love encouraging people, and sharing nuggets of wisdom and inspiring stories of faith I’ve picked up along the way.
I’m fascinated with the synergy and sometimes dichotomy of faith and wisdom.  Thus the name of my blog.
As I forage through the forest of life, I occasionally come across things worthy of writing about and sharing with others.

My blog is sort of an open basket where I collect it all, so you and others can partake of anything you find useful.

I have more than 18 years of experience living overseas as a missionary in Ukraine, where I met my beautiful wife Tanya who I’ve been blissfully  married to since 2001.

We have four wonderful children, and we currently spend most of our time in Ukraine.

Ever since me and Tanya met, we’ve been a little obsessed with sharing the life-changing love of God with people who have never experienced it.
We minister to the poorest of poor and to kings and queens.  We heal the sick, prophesy, bring people into a loving relationship with Jesus.
That’s what we’re all about.  Our prime passion.
We’re typically not very happy unless we’re seeing God’s Kingdom manifested in some authentic, powerful way.

Here are a few topics I particularly enjoy writing about:

  • Hearing God’s voice and ministering prophetically.  Stepping out in living supernaturally.
  • Raising children.  Tips and tricks.  Failures and victories.
  • Personal development, leadership.
  • And some other random stuff I throw in the basket.

 Here are a few popular posts you might want to check out to get a feel of what I write about:


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